Short Clip
There is no book, media, or form of communication that compares with God’s Word. In every way it is the complete revelation of God to us about the salvation we so need, are so undeserving of, and which has been so graciously given.
As we have opened to the final book about our salvation, Revelation, for the past months, we opened to a book filled with “heptads” or groupings of sevens. One element of John’s writing style in Revelation that is very prominent is his usage of sevens.
God Designed Revelation as a Book Built Around Groups of Seven
There are seven stars, seven lampstands, seven churches, seven seals, seven trumpets, seven bowls, and seven angels. Beyond these seven named groups of sevens are many other sevens.
There are seven beatitudes, seven spirits, seven mountains, seven lamps, seven horns, seven eyes, seven heads, seven crowns, seven thunders, seven kings, and seven last plagues. Fifty-four sevens are noted by John in the book of Revelation.
John uses sevens to explain God’s plans about Heaven, the Church, and the end of the world, in the book of Revelation. But it isn’t only in Revelation that God uses sevens, today, we find that the way to eternal life has seven intentional markers along the way. As we open to John 20, let me show you this amazing chain of truths about salvation.
The Gospel by John is Also Built Around Groups of Seven
The Gospel by John has seven titles of Christ in chapter one, and over the next 14 chapters shares seven very precious and powerful I am declarations of Christ. But God especially draws our attention to one string of seven elements in this Gospel with a closing statement about how God designed this fourth and final Gospel. Please turn with me to the last verse of John 20.
In John 20:31 we read that of the many things that Jesus did, seven of the most prominent miraculous deeds of Christ in this Gospel were chosen by God to be special signs that point to the miracle of salvation. These signs are to help us believe, and as we believe, they also help us understand what exactly salvation accomplished in each believer. There are seven sign miracles that Jesus performs, leading up to the Crucifixion.