Short Clip
God is Absolutely Holy Surrounded by: Flaming Holy Angels, Quakes, and Smoke.
First, notice the smoke. Our God is a consuming fire, so, each time the Holy Throne of God comes down to be revealed to us as humans, there is this sight of the smoke from that consuming fire. This is like the smoke from a furnace, that Abraham saw when God made a covenant with him in Genesis 15:7-18. This is what the three million Israelites saw in Exodus 19, as Mt. Sinai was “completely in smoke” and the smoke rose like from a “burning furnace”, shooting skyward.
Second, notice the quaking. The whole temple shook as Isaiah saw the Lord in His glory in Isaiah 6:4 and heard the holiness of the Lord declared. At Mt. Sinai when the Lord came down to the top of the mountain to meet with Moses, the mountain quaked exceedingly (Ex. 19:18), as the Lord descended in fire.
Third, notice the amazing, angelic creatures. In Isaiah 6:2 we meet some of God’s creations we only see here. They are called Seraphim, which means the “burning ones”. They seem to be part of the Throne Team that is always associated with carrying out God’s plans.
When Isaiah sees how Holy God truly is, the very first response is an awareness of how unholy he is. Like Abraham in Genesis 15 and the Israelites in Exodus 19, Isaiah is smitten at his personal un-holiness and falls before the Lord asking for cleansing. In a similar manner in the New Testament: when Peter saw the Deity of Christ displayed, he fell on his face and confessed his need of cleansing (Luke 5:8). So first we see:
The Big Picture: God is Absolutely Holy. From that flows for us:
The Personal Application: regular confession and cleansing is needed. Look at Isaiah 6:6-7, just as Isaiah needed to be purged so we must be. God has explained to us what He desires from us. We need to bow daily in reverence to God and seek to be kept cleansed by Christ’s work for us on the Cross.
Part of each of our constant responsibility is to be confessing our sins (I John 1:9) so that Christ can cleanse us from all unrighteousness. We are already forgiven once for all (Hebrews 10:12), but we are each in need of constant cleansing.
God is Absolute, All-Powerful Over Everything That is Anywhere