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9—HARDENED EARTH-DWELLERS SHAKE THEIR FISTS AT GOD: Revelation 11:18—People’s response to all that God does shows their utter disregard for their Creator as Psalm 2 also says, “the nations were angry”. Fallen human hearts are so deceitful and as God says “desperately wicked” (Jer. 17:9), stone-hard, and damnably impenitent.
10—GOD’S WRATH & JUSTICE ARE HOLY: Revelation 11:19—Remember how God tore open the Temple’s curtain exposing the Holy of Holies at the Crucifixion? Now we see God opening the Temple in Heaven as a reminder of His promised redemption as the end draws near.
He Quickens our conscience by His holiness;
He Nourishes our minds by His truth;
He Purifies our imaginations by His beauty;
He Opens our hearts to His love;
We Submit our wills to His purpose.