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Jesus is unlike anyone who has ever been born. He came into the world in a way no other human ever could or will. He was born into a poor family, and lived in an obscure village, in a tiny province of a vast Empire. Out of poverty, obscurity, and apparent weakness, He touched the world like no one else ever has.
Jesus is unlike anyone who has ever lived. He had none of the typical trappings of power and influence: He had no riches or formal education, yet He amazed the intelligentsia of His day. He healed all who came to Him without charge.
He had no wealth, yet He fed tens of thousands from His own hands. He was by nature meek and lowly; yet He could banish death with a word, disease, and handicap with a touch, and demons hordes at will.
Jesus is unlike anyone who has ever died. He could walk across raging waters. He could walk away through crowds seeking to destroy while becoming unseen. He could slip through locked doors and appear at will. He could flatten an army just by saying His own Name: yet He allowed Himself to be captured, horribly abused, and then murdered.
Jesus is unlike anyone who has ever been born; who ever lived; and who ever died.