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We each are part of the miracle of God called salvation that from the start began to turn the world upside down (Acts 17:6).
Salvation is also the most amazing miracle that we get to see up close throughout our lives as believers. That we were even saved is in itself is a miracle of God’s grace; and those around us who are saved are also part of a constant stream of miracle we get to see and touch personally through life. Getting to disciple a miraculously saved individual is such an encouragement for our faith and walk.
From God’s perspective all humans are born into this world infected with a blinding, crippling virus that left alone: leads to eternal death in darkness and endless pain. So as God looks down He sees us all sitting blindly in the dark on the edge of a deadly chasm. Salvation is when He opens our eyes and turns us from sinful darkness lovers: to God loving and following saints.
God Himself has come down to this Earth from the start seeking out Adam and Eve in their sin. Then He sent a series of prophets and preachers, calling blind sinners to come to the light of God, who stretched from the Pre-Flood world through the birth of Christ.
Followers of God always upset the followers of the darkness of sin and spiritual blindness. God’s salvation bringing to life the spiritually blind and dead always:
When the light of the Gospel shines into the hearts and minds on the blind and paralyzed lost sinners: they come alive, being released from both their paralysis and blindness. This is unsettling and shocking to all the blind and paralyzed sinners around them. We see this most clearly in Christ’s ministry.
At the perfect moment, God Himself stepped into this world again as God the Son, Jesus Christ. He came as the Light of the World. He healed, raised, fed, liberated, cleaned, and calmed multitudes of people.
But, this astounding event of life, light, and love flooding into the land of Israel was so unsettling to the spiritually blind and paralyzed leaders: that they did everything they could to end Christ’s work by murdering Him.
In the end, after His resurrection, Jesus Christ met with about 500: which may have been the bulk of the true converts from His ministry. They were to continue the spread of the light of Christ’s Gospel, which had begun in Israel: and take it into every corner of the sin-darkened world. That is what we call:
At the end of the Gospels we find God the Son commissioning those who were His followers. They were all to go in His power and seek to share the life-transforming, sin-removing, blindness-ending Gospel of salvation to every person in the world. That moment is when God left us with work to do for Him.


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