Short Clip
No one understands the Gospel better than our Lord & Savior, the Author & finisher of our faith, Jesus Christ.
Today we continue on our journey through the Gospel recorded by the Apostle John.
As we open to John 5 we are listening and watching the eyewitness record of John who was closest of all the Apostles to Jesus.
The Holy Spirit uses that proximity and loving eye and ear of young John, to give the most unique of all the four Gospel accounts.
But before we dive into these verses, we need to remember why we have the Gospels opening the New Testaments, open before us this morning.
The Four Gospels are For Christ’s Church
The Four Gospels, and their powerful presentations of Christ’s gospel messages, were written:
• FOR Christ’s Church;
• TO Christ’s Church; and
• BY the Apostles of Christ’s Church.
The Four Gospels were each written after the birth of Christ’s Church in Acts 2.
The Four Gospels were written for those who were being saved and trained in Christ’s Church.
The Four Gospels were written during the very era when Paul and the Apostles were taking the Good News into all the world, and to every creature.
The Four Gospels should be the richest treasure trove to us in Christ’s Church; and we should be mining the very words of Christ, as He speaks to every heart, laden with sin.
The Gospels are so powerfully the voice to us the Church, of God the Son, the Savior of the world.
So as we open to read together from John 5:24-30, remember that John captures the content of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that was sweeping the Roman Empire.
When the Holy Spirit of God moved upon John the Apostle to write, God was writing down the Gospel According to Jesus.
Christ’s Word is the Only Pathway to Eternal Life