REV 1-5-5
We have been h teaching NextGeneration students here in Rome this month, and in our free moments, we keep visiting more Biblical sites to study and ponder our lessons on Romans & Galatians. We have done the Seven Hills, The Circus of Nero/St. Peter’s, the Ancient Churches, each of the Forums (Imperial, Roman, etc.), Domus Aurea, the Catacombs, Circus Maximus, and all along the Appian Way. Here is a clip of my answer to: How Did the Roman Catholic Church Begin?
Genesis 10: Satan had already begun in Genesis 10 to counterfeit what God would do. What we can see as we study this passage is that Nimrod was the human mind behind the first system of false religion. Nimrod founded a city called Babel/Babylon and it was the home of the beginnings of idolatry. Nimrod was a grandson of Ham, which makes him a great grandson of Noah. He was the apostate of the patriarchal age. Idolatry began in Babel, according to God’s Word. Mankind built the first object to be worshipped in place of God, which was the Tower of Babel. He established false worship.
Genesis 11: Satan’s plan began to be exported globally at the tower of Babel in Genesis 11:1-9 which was the advent of what we would call Organized Religion. This was over 24 centuries before Christ, and nearly 4,500 years ago.
The Tower was the first idol and it became the object of men’s worship, the point of their pride. It spawned a complex of weird, strange, mysterious religions that are still going on in our world today.
Pagan Religions Originate from Babylon: The Gospel of Satan is religion, and he has made sure that it has gotten to every corner of the Earth. At the Tower of Babel’s worship ziggurat, the Babylonian Mystery Religions fill the pages of ancient history. They’re all over everywhere and they’re still with us today all in different forms.