VISITING: Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday when He visited the Seven Churches of Revelation 1-3, today as He visits us, and forever. He still longs for our submission and participation in the sanctifying work of the Spirit, using His Word in our lives. Why not pause and in your hearts look up into the loving but very firm eyes of our Savior, Redeemer, and Physician—and ponder His questions for them, and see how they apply to each of us. Today, what are Christ’s eyes seeing here in our midst? Do we need to repent of letting Jesus get crowded out of first place in our time and treasures like those in Ephesus? Do we need to repent of getting on friendly terms with the world that God hates like those in Pergamos? Is there false teaching and teachers we are tolerating that God’s Word had already said are WRONG and we need to repent of our listening to and tolerating like those in Thyatira? Are we just going through the motions of church, devotions, and ministry? Do we need to repent of powerless prayers and ministry like those in Sardis?
CHASTEN: Hebrews 12 has one of the clearest explanations of the methodology God uses in chastening. Note with me His three levels of dealing with us to encourage and produce repentance in us.
Open there with me to just introduce the theology of chastening that God’s Word teaches us.
SONSHIP: Hebrews 12:1-11 REBUKE v. 5; Chaster v. 5 Scourge v. 6