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Peter, nearing the end of his earthly life writes down for us in God’s Word this inspired snapshot of what a gorgeous woman in God’s sight looks like. It’s a timeless, never-out-of-style, supra-cultural absolute. This is what a woman of God has always looked like. But watch out it is very different from the woman of the day, the woman of contemporary fashion, the woman who displays her body to catch the stares of others.
God’s desires for godly women and their beauty, goes against the grain of culture and society. What does God say a woman of godly virtue is to be? He gives a four-part portrait:
1. V. 1-2 in her actions she lines up with God’s plan for the church and the home. Thus, she is submissive.
2. V. 3 in her adornment she looks like a woman in whom the Holy Spirit dwells, thus she is modest.
3. V.4 in her attitude she longs to offer God what he is looking for. Thus, she is gentle and quiet.
4. V.5-6 in her attention she is focused on the home. Thus, she is feminine.
What are God’s Desires for 21st Century Women?
I Peter 3:1-6
God has clearly expressed His desires for the woman of grace, seeking to please Him in the 21st Century. His desires are supra-cultural, they transcend all cultural settings. His desires are also timeless; and they translate well into the First Century, the 19th century, and right to us today.
Peter captures God’s changeless desires for us, in God’s perfect Word. As Peter wrote to the most cosmopolitan Roman province, the most educated and civilized cities of the Empire he frames four life priorities that signal a woman in step with God, His plan, His Word, and His desires for her life.
Join me today as we learn what are God’s desires for 21st Century women.
Now, let us go thru these verses and see the Word of God explaining these truths.
Line Up With God


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