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When Ezra finished this monumental work he sat to write his testimony in a song.
Psalm 119 is the Psalm or Song of the Word-filled life.
A song of the never-ending grace of God that offers us a new beginning every time we open our hearts to His Word.
We get sanctified, we get revived, we get renewed.
Psalm 119 also has 22 verses because there were 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet.
God wanted to say that His Truth exhausts the capacity of language to express it.
God has used up every letter He can use to get His message to us. He loves us, offers us Himself, and wants us to know Him.
There are 8 verses in each of the 22 stanzas.
Remember the picture of the number 7? There are 7days and then the week starts over; there are seven notes and then the musical scale starts over; there are seven colors and then the spectrum of color starts over.
Eight to a Jewish mind meant ‘a new beginning’. The completion of seven and then starting over again in the 8th is the declaration of a new beginning.
So in each stanza God declares — I am exhausting the alphabet, I am exhausting human language, I am using every means possible.
I want to tell you that my offer is — a new beginning, a new hope, a new peace, a new joy, and a new power to live.