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What are the Benefits of A Life of Purity? If we were to distill down the descriptions that God’s Word has for those who walk as Christ’s disciples, in the power of the Spirit, with this grace-energized purity, this is what the New Testament says we have:
A Great hunger and desire for God Himself, His Word, His Way.
We walk in the Spirit; and grow better and better at knowing the difference between walking in the flesh and walking in the Spirit.
We have an increasing ability to apply God’s Word to life.
We grow in the obvious “works of faith” like serving others, giving, etc.
Purity brings stability, we are firmly grounded (not swayed or deceived by false doctrines).
Purity is the soil in which continual spiritual growth and maturity take place.
Pure saints exhibit a great desire for fellowship with other believers.
The purity of life leads to evidencing the fruit of the Holy Spirit.
A pure believer, un-enslaved to sin has little to no desire for worldly possessions; greater and greater unselfish motives; and a growing spirit of cooperation.
The liberated from bondage believers are quick to repent and to forgive others.
Pure believers have sincere compassion for the lost.
Believers un-entangled with the lusts of the flesh are usually actively assisting in the spiritual development of others.
Purity and holiness always lead to a continuous sense of God’s Presence and deepening knowledge of His character and will.
A pure believer will always have a life characterized with peace; and meekness and humility will characterize their attitude.
Almost always a believer walking in holiness will have their home life in order; and will be personally seeking God’s purpose for their life.
Purity leads to a life marked by discipline (physical, mental, spiritual); and a growing track record of being an over-comer of sin.
There is an immensely powerful prayer life that flows from a pure heart; and a dynamic lifestyle of worship.
Finally, a believer walking in purity and holiness, with integrity has a lifestyle of grace and mercy toward others and self.
Because the Tsunami of sin sweeps across our lives each day, this man always seeks to…
Choices that Lead to a Life of Purity
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