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Hungering After God




Growing up was the annual LLBC canoe trip. We met at the church, rode the bus to the river, and rode the canoe bus upstream. We were issued a canoe and off we went. Rarely palling we merrily splashed along climbing in and out of the canoe which inexorably was pushed downstream by the current.

That is life!

Hungering for God is our study because we all need to ask ourselves an honest question. By doing a personal inventory we can see whether we are paddling against the current of our culture or just floating along with the flow of everyone around us in life.

What’s the question? Simply this:


Several weeks ago we began to study about Hungering for God and saw this longing after Jesus with a heart of love and devotion is called Biblical Fasting. And Biblical Fasting, or the voluntary abstinence from good and right things such as food, is a spiritual discipline, which has fallen upon hard times in modern Christianity. So this morning I repeat our task:

In the Old Testament, we can see that Biblical Fasting was an urgent call to get serious about Knowing God.

In the New Testament, we see Biblical Fasting was an ancient spiritual discipline to reschedule my life with God at the center instead of dining, relaxing, amusing, accumulating, advancing, securing, and a multitude of other things that are not wrong – just deadly to intimacy with the Almighty.

In the Early Church of Acts and the Epistles we see demonstrated that this Hunger for God shaped their lives, their ministry, their worship, and their outreach.

In the Early Church, we see Biblical fasting as a powerful way to yield every part of my life to God’s supremacy.

Conclusion: Hungering for God is an immediate way to declare your allegiance to God’s way and glory in every day of your life!


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