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JERUSALEM: A LESSON IN GOD’S KINGSHIP: When you are chosen by God there is no limit to what all He can do with you!
When God picked Jerusalem it was unknown and would have ended up like any other of the vanished cities whose ruins dot the globe. But no, He said I put My name there forever! And what has happened? JERUSALEM has become:
 The NERVE center of the world GEOGRAPHICALLY Ezekiel 5:5
 The SALVATION center of the world SPIRITUALLY John 4:22
 The STORM center of the world PROPHETICALLY Zechariah 14:1-8
 The GLORY center of the world ULTIMATELY ISAIAH 2:1-5
Four thousand and one hundred years ago, yes 41 centuries ago God made a promise called a covenant with a man we know named Abraham. God did not only speak this promise, it was dramatically displayed by a ceremony called “cutting a covenant”. In the style we know was known to Abraham from his culture God took the slaying, dividing and laying out of sacrificial animals on the ground as a setting for His Promise made to Himself and for Abraham that could never be broken. We call this Promise the Abrahamic Covenant.