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Jesus is the Author of Hell, the Preacher of Hell, and the One who threatens humans with endless hell fire’s torments.
The conclusion that anyone who reads the New Testament Gospels can only be: Jesus believed there was a literal Hell, Jesus warned of a literal Hell, and Jesus threatened humans with eternal conscious torment in a furnace of fiery wrath from an Almighty and Holy God. Bottom line:
Jesus Authenticates Hell’s Horrors
Jesus speaks more of Hell than anyone else in the Bible, and more than all the Scripture writers combined. He also describes Hell’s horrors, and does so in more terrifying terms than all the Old Testament Prophets & Judges, and the New Testament Apostles combined.
The Hell Jesus repeatedly and vividly describes was not some earthly condition of great pain or suffering to be endured; nor was it some temporary place of purging sins.
Jesus boldly warned of a place of “unquenchable fire” (Mk. 9:43), where humans would be tormented in the next life (Luke 16:28), and where they would wail and gnash their teeth forever as they endured “eternal punishment” (Mt. 25:30, 46).
Jesus threatened people with Hell from start to finish in His ministry. If He had not, it probably would have been easy for us throughout the centuries to think the Apostles & Prophets may have gotten it wrong. Eternal, conscious, endless torment is impossible to think about clearly. It revulses our sense of reasoning, overpowers our mental processing, deadens our sense of understanding, and then overloads us.
Hell is real, horrible, and very much a topic for Christ’s ministry. Before we launch into the vivid lessons in Revelation about Hell, we will travel through the best source on the topic. Jesus Christ is the supreme authority on Hell. He is also the clearest and most profuse teacher on the topic. No other writer of Scripture speaks as often, or as deeply on the doctrines of Hell that our Lord Jesus Christ.
Jesus Explains Hell’s Duration