Ephesians 1:15-23

Text: Eph. 1:15-23 This week something took place that has touched each person who saw it:


The first and most vivid sight of the great quake were the “faces of Candlestick Park”. Remember them? They are etched in my memory: There were faces of:

1. Fear The overwhelming awareness sof unprotected, frail humanity as it faces the unimaginable force of a convulsing earth…. They wept —

2. Uncertainty The wavering thoughts of what’s next, is this is the start of finish? How much more are when? Should I run, hide, stay or cry…what about our there–what has happened? They paced

3. Disbelief I can’t believe this is happening to me? Why me? Why now? Is this really true, I didn’t figure on an earthquake to interrupt my plans…. They started —

4. Relief We made it, I’m safe. I’m glad to be alive. I’m getting out of here (C.P.) as if you can run from an earthtquake! They laughed —

One thing for sure, they “knew” deeply, they experienced something…. God has a word to say to us today about knowing.

Our text is Eph. 1:15-23. As Paul speaks with utter conviction across 20 centuries of humanity. . .

[For this cause] [I also] What cause? V. 1-14 those 9 steps in God’s masterplan. <Having heard of the faith on your part in the Lord Jesus and that towards all the saints. So, he heard it was real in them — rooted.

(1) Cease not giving thanks in your behalf, (2) Making mention in my prayers, (for what Paul?)

That [the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory] would give you a (First, not less than the names, titled and designations of the Holy Spirit) Spirit of wisdom and understanding in gaining a personal knowledge of him,– (1st – Holy Spirit’s influence)

The eyes of your heart having been enlightened (2nd – open spiritual eyes)

That ye may know — (That’s the goal! Knowing God)

What is the hope of his calling,

What the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints,

And what the surpassing greatness of his power unto us who believe, —

According to tthe energy of the grasp his might which he energised in the Christ. When he raised him from among the dead, And seated him at his right hand in the heavenlies. Over-above all principality, authority, and power, and lordship, and every name that is named not only in this age, but also in the coming one, And did put [all things] in sub- jection beneath his feet. And gave him to be head over all

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things unto the asssembly, Which indeed is his body. The fulness of him who [the all things in all] is for himself filling up. (Remember 7 words of power –if earthquake is awesome, think of the power that called the universe out of nothing and into existence.)

For this cause I also (because v. 1-114, God’s masterplan)

– having heard of faith – thank God – pray 1. Spirit wisdom and revelation given Holy Spirit move 2. Eyes, heart opened start looking 3. Come to knowledge or experience A. Hope of calling B. Rick inheritance C. Great power

A. W. Tozer in his penetrating book The Pursuit of God warns us: “modern science has lost God and the wonders of His world — and we Christians are losing God amid the wonders of His Word.”

What do you mean? Right here God is trying to get us to know Him.

Jn. 17:3 This is eternal life, to know God Rom. 1:21-25 This is eternal death to: – not honor Him as God – exchange glory for idols – exchange truth for lies

So what is knowing God?

Honoring Him as He is Honoring His glory Honoring the truth

Which brings us right back to the focus of our heart.

They experienced something Monday night at Candlestick Park and the Bay Area. They knew it — it got their attention.

How can we know God? Let me ask some questions. That’s a Biblical method you know! Christ who had all the answers is recorded in the word of God as asking nearly 100 questions!

Back to Eph. 1:15-23.

1. Paul wrote the Book of Ephesians in the New Testament. They were reading it! What do we call that book?

2. So where did they hear about God’s Masterplan? v. 1-14?

3. And how were they converted to faith in Christ?

4. How did they come to know v. 16 Paul’s request in prayer for them?

5. And how did they learn about the “spirit of wisdom and understanding” and the other 40 names and designations of the Holy Spirit?

6. Okay now, stay with me: Look at v. 18:

that ye may know

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How could they know the hope of God’s calling? <Word of God>

riches of glory? <Word of God>

surpassing greatness of power? <Word of God>

Have you caught what I have been saying? Knowing God must come from __________.

Now let’s wrap this up with some simple steps to knowing God:

(1) Starts by saving faith (2) Continues through daily contact How? Psalm 119 is the psalm on the word.

V. 1-8 State the way of the word walkers: v. 2 observe His wowrd seek Him in His word v. 3 walk in His ways v. 5 keep it v. 6 look upon all of it v. 7 learn it

v. 9-16 methods of keeping in the way of the word 1. V. 9 order life by word (so need to start finding God’s orders) 2. V. 10 really desire God’s way (with all of heart) 3. V. 11 make it the priority (treasured) You know your treasure, is this one? 4. V. 13 internalize it (lips are the door to the heart and what had happened) 5. V. 14 verbalize it (tell others) 6. V. 15 block out all else (meditate) 7. V. 16 Don’t quit

#123 Break Thou The Bread

– We’ve considered knowing God – He is only known fully through His word – Let’s implore His spirit to reveal Him to us