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Does God Allow Us to Have Free and Chosen CHOICES

Positive Choice/Benefits Negative Choice/Consequence OT: Bless OT: Curse Leviticus 26 If, then v.3-13, 40 If not, then v.14-39 No good thing withhold (Ps 84:11-12) blessed Withheld, not blessed Proverbs benefits if apply (4:18) Proverbs loss if not Isaiah 32:17; 48:18; 58 not Daniel purposed in heart (Dan 1:8) Many others did not NT: Choice to follow God’s Will in Word = Personal Reward in Heaven to cast at feet & Present Blessing NT: Choice to not follow God’s Will in Word = Suffer Consequence of Loss Reward & Lost Blessing Not fear, not worry, not materialistic (Matthew 5-7 Fear, worry, materialistic 30, 60, 100 fold (Mt 13:8) Not fruitful 2,5,10 talents (Mat 25:20) reward degrees not Either do: Rom 6, 8:13; 12.18 Or not Either Present self living sac (Rom 12:1) Or not Either resist conform to world (Rom 12:2) Or conformed Either chose: Gold, Silver, Precious stones (I Cor 3) Or choose: Wood, Hay , Stubble Either chose: Good (II Cor 5) Or choose: Bad Either chose: Gal 5 walk in Spirit; 6 sow & reap Or choose: Not walk; grieve; quench Either chose: Walk in good works (Eph 2:10) Or choose: Not Either chose: Live soberly, righteously, godly (Titus 2) Or choose: Ungodly, worldly lusts Many mighty works Did not because of unbelief (Mt 13:58) Demas labored (Col 4:14) Demas forsook (II Tim 4:10) David chose to follow I K 15.5 Except Uriah’s wife Romans 16:12 labored much Others didn’t Salvation
Would have repented (Mt 11:21-23) If Tyre/Sodom seen Jesus loved RYR Mk 10.21 Walked away from Christ God Man Laws Gravity/Thermo like God’s Sovereignty: there but we choose how operate; but always within laws. Live life knowing laws there but make choices resist or deny John 6:44,65 Is. 45:22; John 3:16; 5:40 not come; Acts 3:19; 16:31; Rev 22:17