You Can Change Biblically



You Can Change Biblically (Part One)

Lesson 1
3 x 5 Cards
Please write down Your Name
I Worked on my verses this week: yes or no?
I Sought to G.R.O.W. this week: yes or no?
Any Special Prayer Request? jot them on the card

September 19 Class
p. 3 “Uses”
p. 4 John C. Broger / FEBC / US Military / 1,500,000 changed lives thru FEBC in 2012 so far!
p. 12-13 Purposes
p. 17-21 Lesson 1
**Bible Marking

Bible Marking
The first few months are hardest, with the most verses.
The more you mark, and note, the more you will get out of this course.
Be creative, make your system the way that makes sense to you

Verse Memory
The 25-20-15-10-1 The “Ron Hood” Method
The F.L.E.W. “First Letter Each Word” Method
The Best Method? Like the best exercise machine: the one that you use!

Work on your verses daily;
Work through Lesson 1 in Student Workbook, or do the daily homework in the text for lesson 1, using a journal;
Seek by faith to G.R.O.W. Daily:
G (get into the Word = devotions);
R (reach out to the Spirit = pray);
O (open to the sanctifying word = surrender);
W (willingly look for others to nurture = serve).


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