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What was his plan to bring about lasting change in those he served? He started with his own life. He learned to point his heart frequently toward doing God’s Will.
Ezra Invited God into Every Part of His Life
Thirty-three times with eleven phrases, Ezra cries to the Lord. The secret of his fruitful life was his choice to invite the Lord into every part of his life and invite Him into every part of his day.
1. Teach me: 12; 26; 33; 66;68;108;124;135.
2. Remove from me: 22.
3. Make me: 27; 35.
4. Give me: 34; 73; 125;144;169.
5. Revive me: 37; 40; 88; 107; 149; 154; 156; 159.
6. Help me: 86.
7. Save me: 94; 146.
8. Uphold me: 116; 117.
9. Redeem me: 134; 154.
10. Hear me: 145.
11. Deliver me: 153; 170.
Taking the cue from God’s Servant Ezra
So how do we adopt Ezra’s strategy? Here are so elements to practice getting alone with God.
1. Try to spend at least 12 minutes each day in reading God’s Word and seeking to find one truth to hold on to all day long.
2. From that time alone with God, think through your entire day. Ask HIM what would be the best use of your life for this day.
3. Try to also get in the habit of a weekly time of evaluation. Just a half hour reflecting on where you are, and where you are headed in life and ministry.
4. Finally, try one time of strategic planning each month, to truly reflect on life for a couple of hours. Take a spiritual retreat. Sit with a pad of paper, your calendar, and an open Bible. List your priorities for the next month. Pray over them, change them, decide upon them and then do them!