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Short Clip
When Jesus does something, that’s it. It can’t be stopped, overturned, ruined, thwarted, or ended. When Jesus opens a door of blessing, it can’t be shut. When Jesus opens a door of ministry, it can’t be shut. Jesus is the One to stay in touch with when you want to see things happen. Jesus says there is a group of people in the city of Philadelphia who say they are Jews, but aren’t, and He’s going to open their hearts to the truth, and they are going to come and worship God at the feet of the believers in this church. That’s one door that no one can shut.
But we also see in the gospels a string of events where we can see Jesus opening a door that no one can shut. But instead of announcing to His disciples, “I’m opening a door here, I’m using My key, no one can shut this door,” He just abbreviates the whole thing by saying the word “never.”