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A church that doesn’t pray is on a spiritual treadmill, with lots of action and no progress.

Prayer catapults us to the frontiers of whatever God is doing around the earth.

The keys to prayer: express deepest thoughts to God, trust no matter what, influence others for God;

What kind of father prepared John G. Paton for that kind of perseverance — another fifty years of rugged, faithful missionary labor? Paton’s father, James, was converted at seventeen and immediately convinced his mother and father that the family should have morning and evening prayer together. Paton writes about his father:

“And so began in his seventeenth year that blessed custom of Family Prayer, morning and evening which my father practiced probably without one single avoidable omission till he lay on his deathbed at seventy-seven years of age. None of us can remember that any day ever passed unhallowed thus; no hurry for the market, no rush to business, no arrival of friends or guests, no trouble or sorrow, no joy or excitement, ever prevented at least our kneeling around the family altar, while the High Priest led our prayers to God, and offered himself and his children there.”

By now we are all asking the same thing, aren’t we?

o How could we ever do anything of this magnitude?
o How can we penetrate the lives of our children with these truths?
o How can we see God unleashed in their lives?
o How can we every day be actively using God’s Word and seeing it touch those children and grandchildren we love so much?

The answer is in the most powerful tool in the arsenal of weaponry to win spiritual battles that God has given us. And parenting and grandparenting is a spiritual battle, right? Well, tonight we will conclude our look at Parenting in Godliness with the key to raising, nurturing, and launching children that please the Lord as we learn How to Pray for our children.