GOD REMEMBERS 2 Corinthians 5:9-10

Illustration: Tallhook 9/91 Several hundred men # of men, date, no problem until recording of event exposed.

* 4-5 rolls of film have led to firings, resignations and shakeups at the highest levels. Why? Because events they thought were “secret” were exposed.

Did you know that the most advanced, high tech recording device in the universe has been noting some key vital signs of your life since birth?

Like what? Let me demonstrate: Let’s go back 6,000 years ago before TV, phones, planes, camcorders, tape recorders, cameras and newspapers to Gen. 4-5.

1. Gen. 4:5 Cain’s emotions – anger Gen. 4:8 Cain’s conversation Gen. 4:8 Cain’s action Gen. 4:9 Cain’s conversation

His very words recorded. No one but God and Cain were there! Stop now Think God has noticed and recorded your emotions, conversations, actions when no one else was present.

2. Gen. 9:2 God sees us in secret 3. Gen. 12:4 God records our responses to His word. 4. Gen. 39:6-18 God records our response to temptation.

God remembers it all; His misses nothing.

Open to 2 Cor. 5:9-10

1. The recorder is on — has been on — stays on — nothing is missed! We saw that in Genesis.

2. The reckoning day is coming (v. 10) – public “we all” – personal “each one”

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– impartial “Jerusalem is the seat of Christ” – specific “recompensed…in body” – comprehensive “all what done…”

Good or good for nothingness = “mist, vapor, swirl, wisp….”

What does God want? Do you know? What counts for Him? It that your goal?

Have you ever gotten a present — and it was a dud, white elephant, etc. Like that pink, polka-dotted shirt or a wide tie, etc.

Have you given a present to a loved one and they said “but don’t you know I don’t like….”

God has laid down 5 specific things He is looking for and that count to Him forever. So much so He’s passing out crowns for those that are not fragile (Chinese pottery Gulein so precious – slivers; old books 150-200 years old; earthquake — pieces; old stamps — moisture, stuck together).

Jesus Christ said to lay up treasures that aren’t fragile.

What do you have tonight that an earthquake, tornado, fire, war, stock crash, thieves or death can’t take from you? Those are eternal things.

There are FIVE ACTIONS things God remembers for good! (“Good or Bad”). In order written in Bible:

I. GOD CROWNS THOSE WHO DENY THEIR FLESH: 1 Cor. 9:27 Follow Him, not self. II. GOD CROWNS THOSE WHO BRING HIM PEOPLE: 1 Thess. 2:19 God crowns those who bring Him what He wants. A. God wants people, not houses, plaques, collectibles. “No U-Haul behind a hearse.” III. GOD CROWNS THOSE WHO WATCH FOR HIM: 2 Tim. 4:8 Look for Him. (I’LL ALWAYS REMEMBER THE PARSONAGE WINDOW IN Rhode Island. When I drove up to the garage Bonnie would have the little ones watching. With wide eyes they would sound the coming home of dad. My joy is such a tiny example of God’s longing for our attention! IV. GOD CROWNS THOSE WHO LOVE HIM: James 1:12 God crowns those who love Him. God wants your heart! A. Love only counts to God if it’s first place, priority #1 love, more than hobbies, money, professional achievements, scholastic honors, sports victories, possessions. B. Do you place a higher priority on God or:

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1. – your job 2. – your house 3. – your recreation 4. – your finances (spend more time with investments on earth or heaven?) GOD CROWNS THOSE WHO SERVE HIM: 1 Pet. 5:4 Serve Him.