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There is only one chapter in the New Testament that explicitly describes God’s expectations for every man, every woman, every boy, and every girl who are part of Christ’s Church, and that is Titus 2.

As we turn there this Mother’s Day morning, each of us in our hearts hold such a special place for our moms. But whether you are a mom or not, married or not, or even if you are a part of the half of us who are men—the passage we are going to in God’s Word speaks to all of us.

Titus 2’s verses are a message from God to every man and woman, boy and girl in Christ’s Church. This morning we are specifically going to examine what God has set down as a pattern that every woman should have as the goal of her life.

Titus 2 records what the early church was commissioned by God, to teach among those who came to Christ. Paul explains a truth, a spiritual reality, and a wonderfully high calling: Godly women who are also godly wives will learn to love their husbands with a love they can feel.

Being a Titus 2 woman of godliness should be the desire of every woman for her life, every wife for her marriage, every mother for her daughters, every husband for his wife, and every child for their mother. Because:

Titus 2 is the
Pattern God Gave

If you want to be vital in Christ’s church, useful in God’s Kingdom, rewarded at Christ’s Bema Seat Judgment these verses are your marching orders.