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Mormonism: The Wrong Way
Never mind that Mormonism has an ascending hierarchy of numerous gods who are physical men, each a former sinner, each redeemed by one of many Jesuses on different earths, and that “salvation” involves secret rituals which exalt Mormons to become gods ruling over their own earths, each with another Adam and Eve, another Satan and fall, another Jesus to die, etc. Mormons seem to be good family people with conservative values. And they talk about God, Christ, salvation, resurrection, eternal life but why pretend they mean what Christians mean?
There are increasing movements in general Christianity to embrace the Mormons as fellow Christians. In fact, the leaders of BYU recently spent the entire day discussing theology with John Mac Arthur. They sat in a room and told Dr. MacArthur they believe in salvation by grace and salvation through faith and salvation in Christ. Here was his reply at the end of the day and in a gracious way.
Are Mormons Christians?
“I spent, recently, a full day with the two leaders of the Mormon theology, The Chairman of the Theology Department of BYU and the Associate Chairman. The two Mormon gatekeepers of theology. The Mormon Church has seven presidents that are actually like seven apostles. They make all the doctrinal decisions if it’s not in the Doctrine of Covenants, the Book of Mormon. And they came to spend a day with me under the authority and commission of the seven presidents of the Mormon Church to talk theology. We sat in the room and they told me they believe in salvation by grace and salvation through faith and salvation in Christ. And they wanted to affirm the things we have in common. Now there are some people who would say, “Wow! It must a revival in the Mormon Church.” But when we got done with hours and hours of discussion, very gracious men. And very compelled, in fact, they’d been reading through, they’d read through all four volumes of my commentary on Matthew and they were going through both volumes on Romans and they’d read the Gospel According to Jesus’ Faithworks, the Sufficiency of Christ. All these books I’ve written and they were drawn to me because they never really understood the Bible like that. And they came because they wanted to know me personally and ask questions. And they said, “We want to affirm salvation by grace alone. We want to affirm salvation by faith. We want to affirm salvation is in Christ.”
So after six hours of discussion with these men, I said, “I want to ask you three questions,” at the end of the day and in a gracious way.
1. I said, “Tell me about your God.” And they gave me a God who didn’t have three persons. They’re Unitarian, so I said, “Well, whatever it is we want to talk about regarding grace, faith and Christ, let’s just get it straight, we have a different God.”
2. And I said, “Tell me your Christology.” And they said, “Jesus is created by God. He’s a high order of created beings.” I said, “Now let’s make this clear, we have a different Christ. And if anybody comes and preaches a different Christ he’s cursed.”
3. Then I said, “If I wanted to get to the highest heaven, what would I need to do?” They said you would need to join the Mormon Church, you would need to evidence certain obediences, and you would need to be baptized with a certain kind of spirit-endowed baptism in the system.
I said, “Then let me get this clear, we have a different God, a different Christ, and a different Gospel. Apart from those, we agree.”
Winsome TV ads invite people to learn the teachings of Christ from the Mormons, who call themselves the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints. But is Mormonism really Christian?
Examine with me the following ways Mormonism has perverted true Christian teaching, and see for yourself if Mormonism is really Christian.