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2. RAHAB – NO PAST TOO BAD. We can call her defiled.
Joshua 2 finds her:

 A businesswoman in two ancient trades that often were interchanged – prostitution and innkeeping.

 So, a harlot,
-in a doomed city
-on a wall about to be demolished
-among a city, God was destroying

She was in every sense a most defiled woman.

 Sexual sinner
 Cursed race
 Doomed city dweller
 Sitting on a bomb!!!

Sound like anyone you know? What a picture of the lost sinners we are!

God needed no spy report, He wanted Rahab.
But, God reaches down pluck her out with her family of the inferno of Jericho’s oblivion and plops her graciously. And, how the Word glows in her case!

God graciously puts this defiled woman in his plan as a “Mother of the Promise”. To bring Christ to portray grace.