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4. BATHSHEBA – NO STAIN TOO DEEP. 2 Samuel 10, 11 – Wrong place, wrong time, we can call her defeated.

You know the story – she was unwise at best.
She then –

 Listens to a grand suitor. ANOTHER WOMAN’S HUSBAND.
 Muffles her heart’s warning. CONSCIENCE
 Stifles those virtuous vows of lifelong loyalty. DISOBEDIENCE
 Ignores a wonderful husband.INSENSITIVITY
 Throws herself to passion. INIQUITY

And, sins – a monumental, public, shameful, sin.

Her husband lies murdered. The son conceived chokes away in death and all the world knows she is defeated!

But, God graciously lists her to be a “Mother of Promise” to bring Christ to portray grace.