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Overcoming Pain Of Loneliness
Overcoming Pain Of Loneliness



LONELINESS can become a time when GOD takes everyone & everything out of my life SO HE CAN BECOME CLOSEST. Is that what it means to you? probably not. But God wants to change the way you think. Join me with a room full of Asian college students as we dive into God’s Word.
Generations X, Y & Z are each confronted with The Loneliness of Life—Unexpected Changes. In this 23rd lesson from the VOICE of GOD through His ANCIENT PROPHETS, we examine the depths of Psalm 56.
Christ is our refuge; Christ is my refuge–that is what we each need to learn. And to learn that wonderful truth we are in the midst of a six-stop tour of Christ’s promises.
Christ our refuge is the safest spot in the Universe. He is the place we go when life gets tough.
• When we feel UNCLEAN—we flee to Him and hear Him say to us, “I am willing, be cleansed”.
• When we feel too WEARY to go on—we flee to Him and hear Him say, “Come to me…I will give you rest”.
• When we feel all ALONE—we flee to Him and hear Him say, “I am with you always”.
We have seen Christ’s presence during the loneliness of youth, during the loneliness of job loss and unemployment. This morning, when life brings unexpected changes and we feel the river of loneliness flooding the banks of our lives—we can again know that it is time to flee to Him!


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