Short Clip
Awesome has lost a bit of its meaning to us in the 21st Century. In the Bible, God is described as awesome, and when He is present there is such a sense of wonder: that it bordered on fear. This awesomeness was an overpowering sense of God’s glory that could be felt.
Our God is An Awesome God
When Paul wrote from Corinth to the fledgling church at Rome, he sought some way that He might encourage them. They lived with all the daily load of life, plus the general excitement that came from being at the center of the world in that generation.
You’ve heard the modern version of the culture that Rome was in the First Century, summed up in the words: “All roads lead to Rome”.
That was true, each Roman Road, built across the Empire, was part of a river of activity that flowed into the pulsating heart of the Empire: the city of Rome.
There was no grander place of building, no larger display of power, no more distracting place of fascination than in Rome. Every day something new arrived, either an army, or a caravan, or some breaking news of far off places and events. There were endless distractions that flowed down the roads that all led to Rome.
Today, via the Internet: all roads now can lead to us. There is hardly anything, going on anywhere: that isn’t a click away. The river that flowed into Rome brought good and bad information.
Keep Focused by Battling Distraction
So Paul wanted to help these saints live their lives for Christ. After explaining the glorious doctrines of salvation (Romans 1-11), Paul says: “Since you are saved, live for Christ” which is the short version of Romans 12:1-2.
Then, a few chapters later in Romans 14:10, Paul says, guard what you do with your life, because we all have an appointment. Please look at Romans 14:10 with me.
That pathway of blessing comes only to those that obey Him. Jesus allows us to live as we wish, but reminds us that the clock started running the instant we were saved, and someday, the tape will be replayed. Even in something as small as when a Christian brother disagrees with me, my response matters to God enough that I will answer to Him before the Throne. Romans 14:10 (NKJV):
But why do you judge your brother? Or why do you show contempt for your brother? For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.
The destination each of us in Christ are heading is that Throne. We have an appointment that will either make us ashamed or confident, the choice is completely ours.
What remains of our life there someday, that glorified Him: is exactly what we did in our life here that glorified Him. It is that simple. You know what will await you at His Throne because it is what we are doing today.
Either my actions are pleasing or displeasing Him. Period. That is the test. We don’t get to redo life when we get to Heaven and see what mattered to God, then it is too late. The blessings of God are tied to my getting focused on what matters to Him now.
How did Paul try to get the distracted Romans to get ready for their big appointment with God? He reminded them of the Throne. That is the same method Jesus uses here in His letter to us, the Book of Revelation.
Why Does God Put the Spotlight on The Throne?