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PAUL SHOWS US HOW TO TURN OUR SPARE TIME INTO ETERNAL GOLD. Well, Paul – what do you do in your spare time? I practice this love for you that makes me have:
1. FAMILY THOUGHTS 2:17 Warm thoughts of you as my family
2. BATTLEFIELD THOUGHTS 2:18 Memories that we are in the spiritual battle
3. HEAVEN THOUGHTS 2:19-20 Great anticipation for your homecoming
4. THOUGHTS OF YOUR NEEDS 3:1-8 Concern to meet your needs
5. THOUGHTS OF THANKSGIVING 3:9 Thanks to God for you
6. THOUGHTS OF SUPPORT 3:10a Earnest times of prayer for you
7. THOUGHTS OF MATURITY 3:10b Expectations for your growth in maturity!
That’s Paul’s example to them! Let’s heed this word and pursue these things today!