Mark 13:1-13

– It’s Wednesday of Passion Week. – Thursday nite would bel. the Lord’s table – Jesus Christ is leaving the temple for the last time of his 33rd year earthly life. -Then it happens – a question. v.4 The answer Christ gives is THE KEY, THE SECRET, THE ANSWER. – How to have peace through peril. – How to triumph thru Christ over life’s hard times.


Jesus Christ warns of four detractors of HIS PEACE – Four enemies to having HIS TRIUMPH.

Look at the text 13:1-13 1. v.1-4 Beware of Distraction 2. v.5-6 ” ” Deception 3. v.7-8 ” ” Depression 4. v.9-13 ” ” Defection

Let’s read these verses…

In v.1-4, Jesus Christ said WATCH OUT, BEWARE OF…

I. RELIGIOUS DISTRACTION – Wrong FOCUS [departure from spiritual worship] on earthly religion, buildings, monuments, holy places, signs, etc.

REMEDY FOR DISTRACTION A. Invest in people, use facilites… I Thess. 2:19 B. Build ministry not monuments… I Thess. 2:9-12
Humanity easier to rally around building more than ministry.

————————- TEMPLE CARD ————————

> At this Thanksgiving to God At this celebration of Christ’s death

– Are you distracted from true spiritual worship? – Do you focus on earthly religion or heavenly worship? – Are you into ceremony or the supernatural?

Jesus Christ says – Beware of distraction

SECONDLY, v.5-6. Jesus Christ says watch out, beware of

II. RELIGIOUS DECEPTION – V.5-6 Wrong source – DEPARTURE FROM THE WORD OF GOD Word of God, eternal truth – following charismatic personalities.

REMEDY FOR DECEPTION A. Know the Word… John 8 B. Test for truths… I Thess. 5 C. Follow only as long as they follow Christ. I John 2:19

——- “Hitler” & “Religious Deception” card ——–