Short Clip
Peter’s Lessons on the End of the World, Materialism, Contentment & the Un-Cluttered Life. So Peter lays it out for those saints in Century 1, and for all of us since. Inspired by God who jealously wants all of our attention, all of our affections and cravings, Peter passionately pens his final words in 2 Peter 3.
Here are his five lessons, and as we will note that each revolves around a warning about materialism:
• Materialism Blurs our Purpose in Life as Disciples: Live Redemptively (v.1-9)
• Materialism Clouds our Minds with the Idolatry of Coveting: Keep Alert (v. 10-11)
• Materialism Clutters Our Lives with Discontent: Build Fireproof (v. 12-13)
• Materialism Blinds Our Eyes with Earthly Treasures: Look Up (v. 14-17)
• Materialism Corrodes Our Wills by Serving Two Masters: Obey Jesus v.18
There never a more relevant message for any group of people than those at the heart of the Roman Empire in Peter’s day; and us in the heart of American materialism today.