Delights of a Word-Filled Marriage: Life Long Love as a Couple



A Word Filled Marriage is a journey into the delights of what God has promised to those who follow His guide to marriage. Want to energize your relationship with your lifelong partner in marriage? God has laid the pathway for young or old, newlyweds or long timers. God has a plan—are you following it? As a full-time pastor, a home schooling father of eight, and a very happily married man—I asked and answered questions from God’s Word like these: “How do I get and keep the deep and abiding intimacy God says I can and should have in my marriage?” and “How do I start over each day when I failed to be all I wanted to be and should have been for my partner?” In this journey to The Delights of a Word Filled Marriage, God’s Word is our guide and we let Him show us the pathway, stay in His Presence—and as our marriage is under His authority—find the endless pleasures that He planned!

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