This evening have you ever connected the happenings in the world, in our newspapers, history books, and on the evening news – with God’s Word the BIBLE?
To begin with open to Isaiah 11:11 as God describes the 2nd Return of His People. The 1st was after the Babylonian Exile in 586 BC, this is the 2nd Return after the Roman Destruction of Israel in AD 70-130 and this 2nd Return has happened in OUR GENERATION! People alive here tonight have witnessed this happen!
As I read see if your heart thrills as your mind can see the modern day “Miracle of Israel” that has occurred in the re-gathering of almost ½ of all Jews from 100 nations around the world back to Judea and Samaria of the Bible!
And they have returned since 1948 under the “banner” of a flag containing the blue of the Messianic longings of the prayer shawl and the Star of David (symbolizing the Messianic line of Jesus through David) bolding centered as the only sign of their flag!
Where exactly did God say they would come back to in this 2nd Return? Jeremiah helps us by naming the places that the bones (the destroyed bits of the nation Israel) would come and be clothed with flesh (a nation again) awaiting the breath of God (revival) to come in the Tribulation Hour of Jacob’s Trouble.
GOD HAS A TWO-PART PLANNED RETURN FOR HIS PEOPLE ISRAEL. The promised restoration of Israel is to be understood as a two-phased process, encompassing a restoration to the Land followed by a restoration to the Lord, the God of Israel.
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