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What does the Bible say about Israel’s rebirth, Russia’s invasion, Islam’s everlasting enmity and the end of days?



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What is Biblical History? How do the Books of the Bible fit into History? How do we know the dates of events in the Bible? What are some of the key events in the Bible everyone should know?

Biblical History. This class will weave together the history of the Land of the Book from the time that Japheth and Shem arrived after the Flood, through Abraham’s arrival, the time of the Patriarchs, the Egyptian Bondage, Exodus, Conquest of the Land, the Period of the Judges, the Monarchy, the Divided Kingdom, the Assyrian Captivity of Israel, the Babylonian Captivity of Judah, the Return of the Exiles, the 400 Silent Years, the Birth of Christ, the Early Church, the Destruction of Jerusalem, the Diaspora, and all the way to the Re-Gathering and Re-birth of the Modern Nation of Israel. This is a must see and do class to fit all the myriads of pieces of Biblical History together in your minds.

Biblical History can be divided into events around key individuals.

We have no exact dates for Adam to Noah: Creation to Flood, and the Flood to Abraham. But the Bible does give clear dates for the other key people.

Abraham (2166-1991 BC) to the Exodus (1446BC);

the Exodus to the Temple of Solomon (966BC);

Solomon’s Temple to the Destruction of Jerusalem (586BC); and

the Destruction of Jerusalem to Christ’s Crucifixion (AD30) and

Christ’s Crucifixion to John’s Death (AD 95).

Abraham lived 175 years, Genesis 25:7                 (2166-1991 BC)

Isaac lived 180 years, Genesis 35:28                       (2066-1886 BC)

Jacob lived 147 years, Genesis 47:28                      (2006-1859BC)

Joseph lived 110 years, Genesis 50:22                   (1915-1805 BC)

Moses lived 120 years, Deuteronomy 34:7          (1526-1406 BC)

Jacob entered Egypt 1876 BC to Exodus 1446 BC = 430 years; 1 Kings 6:15 says Temple built 480 years after the Exodus (966 BC).

Daniel 2 gives us History from God’s perspective, and God says there are four Empires that stretch from Daniel’s time to the End of Days.

That means no mater what else happens, God who knows the future in advance has mapped out all of human history into four Empires:

The Babylonian Empire

The Greek Empire

The Medo-Persian Empire

The Roman Empire