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“How Can I Be Sure that I am Not Hoarding & Stacking Up the Earthly Treasures that Jesus Said was a Foolish thing to do in Luke 12?”

3 Questions left from Last Sunday Night:

  • “How Can I Be Sure that I am Not Hoarding & Stacking Up the Earthly Treasures that Jesus Said was a Foolish thing to do in Luke 12?”
  • “How Can I Know and Do God’s Perfect Will without Him Having to Push Me?”
  • “Does God Change His Mind, and does He do so in Job 33:14?”

“How Can I Be Sure that I am Not Stacking Up Treasures that Jesus Said was Foolish in Luke 12?”

  • Choose the Right Bank: Treasures in Heaven/Matthew 6:19-34 Is your Bank off shore: in Heaven or one Earth? God never said riches are wrong, just dangerous. Laying up treasures is great if it is not for “self” but God. Jesus gives pairs of contrasts: 2 banks v. 19-21; 2 eyes v. 22-23; 2 masters v. 24; 2 attitudes v. 25-33.
  • Set the Right Goals: Invest in God/Luke 12:13-21 The Goal of life is being rich towards God; God does not positively affirm covetousness; v. 19 is the only place in the Bible where retirement is spoken of, and a retirement to a life of self-indulgence is bad; left God out of thoughts, plans, and future dreams. Unprepared for future realm, poor in the God department. Don’t plan for what is best for your age 50 to 80, but rather what would look the best 50,000 to 80,000 years from now! We need to plan and seek to be wealthy with God.
  • Follow the Right Rules: Give Proportionately/1 Cor. 16:1-2 Giving is clearly taught so that we have income, riches, treasures, and we get to systematically, sacrificially, & proportionately give them away. Giving is commanded v. 1 “I have given orders”; planned v. 2a “on the first day”; prepared v. 2b “lay aside”; v. 2c proportioned “as prosper”; v. 2d spirit-prompted “no collections”.
  • Abound in the Grace of Giving: By Giving Yourself First/2 Cor. 8:1-7 consecration v. 3 “freely willing” = a changes heart; “first gave themselves” = starts with surrender; “this grace” = giving is a work of the Spirit
  • Live as a Citizen of Heaven: By Learning Contentment/Phil. 3:17-21; 4:10-20 10-11 contentment is a learned discipline; v. 13 Christ can empower our giving; v. 17 gifts multiply fruit/accrue rewards in Heaven; v. 18 gifts glorify God; v. 19 God supplies so we can give.
  • Avoid Greed & Materialism: By Laying Hold on Eternal Life/1 Timothy 6:3-19

Life is all about choices. We can choose how much we want to serve the Lord. If want to do the most don’t get married or have children, because we must provide for them and they are distracting.