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Questions answered:

Do we have free will? Is there latitude in God’s will?

Are New Testament Christians commanded to tithe? Who should we give our tithes to? What about giving to places other than the church?

Does God Allow Us to Have

Free and Chosen CHOICES




Positive Choice/Benefits Negative Choice/Consequence
OT: Bless OT: Curse
Leviticus 26 If, then v.3-13, 40 If not, then v.14-39
No good thing withhold (Ps 84:11-12) blessed Withheld, not blessed
Proverbs benefits if apply (4:18) Proverbs loss if not
Isaiah 32:17; 48:18; 58 not
Daniel purposed in heart (Dan 1:8) Many others did not
NT: Choice to follow God’s Will in Word = Personal Reward in Heaven to cast at feet & Present Blessing NT: Choice to not follow God’s Will in Word = Suffer Consequence of Loss Reward & Lost Blessing
Not fear, not worry, not materialistic (Matthew 5-7 Fear, worry, materialistic
30, 60, 100 fold (Mt 13:8) Not fruitful
2,5,10 talents (Mat 25:20) reward degrees not
Either do: Rom 6, 8:13; 12.18 Or not
Either Present self living sac (Rom 12:1) Or not
Either resist conform to world (Rom 12:2) Or conformed
Either chose: Gold, Silver, Precious stones (I Cor 3) Or choose: Wood, Hay , Stubble
Either chose: Good (II Cor 5) Or choose: Bad
Either chose: Gal 5 walk in Spirit; 6 sow & reap Or choose: Not walk; grieve; quench
Either chose: Walk in good works (Eph 2:10) Or choose: Not
Either chose: Live soberly, righteously, godly (Titus 2) Or choose: Ungodly, worldly lusts
Many mighty works Did not because of unbelief (Mt 13:58)
Demas labored (Col 4:14) Demas forsook (II Tim 4:10)
David chose to follow I K 15.5 Except Uriah’s wife
Romans 16:12 labored much Others didn’t
Would have repented (Mt 11:21-23) If Tyre/Sodom seen
Jesus loved RYR Mk 10.21 Walked away from Christ
God Man
 Laws Gravity/Thermo like God’s Sovereignty: there but we choose how operate; but always within laws. Live life knowing laws there but make choices resist or deny
 John 6:44,65 Is. 45:22; John 3:16; 5:40 not come;
 Acts 3:19; 16:31; Rev 22:17