Short Clip
The Bible has probably never been under more attack than today. A generation is arising around us that doesn’t know the Bible well enough to defend it, and the secularists have taken the high ground and are winning in their attack on the trustworthiness of God’s Word
As a starting point for Apologetics, or giving a reasoned answer to those that question our faith in Christ, we need to affirm what God has said about His Word, the Bible.
Each of us would do well if we just decided to have the same view of Scripture as Jesus Christ had: Jesus had the highest view of Scripture.
We Need to Simply Hold to & Trust God’s Word Like Jesus Did
Christ’s high view of God’s inspired Word, led Him to instruct us that the truth of God’s Word flowing through our lives would sanctify us (make us useful for God). Our usefulness to God is tied according to Jesus, to what our view of the authority and reliability of the Bible is.
What is your view of Scripture? Is it as high as Christ’s?
Let’s examine Jesus and the Scriptures, and embrace the same confident trust in the reliability of the Word, as He had.
The first reason why I believe the Bible is utterly true can be distilled down to one or two words.
Jesus (and the second word is) Christ.
Jesus Authenticated the Old Testament
Jesus Christ was utterly convinced that the book you hold in your hand was the Word of God.
There are 929 Old Testament chapters, and 260 in the New Testament. That means that 929 of 1189 were in Christ’s Hand as He called them Scripture. That amounts to 77% of the Bible that was: verified & authenticated by Jesus.
Lesson # 1: Jesus Christ held a copy of the Bible 80% similar to ours and said it was Scripture Truth from God
So, there is no question about whether Creation was literally in six solar 24 days, Jesus authenticated that.
Jesus affirms: Adam and Eve were the first humans, Cain killed Abel, Noah built the ark, and the world is only a very few thousand years old: about 6,000 years or so, is the age of the Earth as described in Genesis as being created by God.
Jesus Believed This Bible
Jesus believed this book, and over and over we find the Lord Jesus asking everyone who questioned Him, He’d say to them, “Haven’t you read”? “The Scriptures say.” That’s how He answered those who came to Him.