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THE 4 VITAL ELEMENTS OF AN END OF DAYS SMALL GROUP (Hebrews 10:24-25). Tonight our goal is to practice the words from God in Hebrews 10:24-25. As we turn there we are looking at the simple reality of applying God’s Word.
How do we stir up others for God? God says we are all to have as our goal, every time we gather that we are to think about our mandate or our mission from God as we gather:
1. How to Considering One Another:
2. How to Get Stirred.
3. How to Stir Others.
4. How to Stay Stirred
First the basics
There are simple areas that have always been the marks of a healthy believer.
Time listening to God by feeding on His Word. (Scripture Reading)
Time applying the Word to my life. (Scripture Memorizing & Meditating)
Time Talking to God. (Prayer)
Time talking to others about God. (Witnessing & Soul Winning)
How do we Stir Ourselves & Others?
By learning how to be talking aloud, among ourselves about—
1. What are you reading and feeding your soul upon from God’s Word?
You should be able in an instant to turn to a passage that has often fed your soul.
You should have a series of “all-time” favorite pathways you love in God’s Word.
They should be so vivid, so clear that you just glow when you talk about them.
These places are where you have met the Lord in so many times of need.
2. What are you memorizing & meditating upon from God’s Word?
You need to be a life-long collector of verses that are the first aid for your soul.
The cough & cold medicine, the Advil & Tylenol for your life.
Those Scriptures that provide immediate relief, strength, or deliverance.
They are short, pointed, and powerful in your daily walk.
You look for these as you read.
You collect them and find ways to remember them.
Soon are always with you.
3. What are you praying and beseeching God for?
God loves for us to ask.
We have not because we ask not.
God loves us to seek and knock.
God responds to persistent faith.
What are you regularly, systematically, and passionately asking for from your Father?
God blesses prayer in agreement with other godly believers.
Who are you cultivating as your prayer team?
4. Who are you seeking & sharing the Gospel with?
There’s only one thing we can take to Heaven, people we win to Christ.
Who are you seeking to take with you?
Who will be your joy in Heaven, and your crown of rejoicing?
Who will come to you in Heaven to thank you for sharing the Gospel with them?
Who are you trying to see God save?
Who do you share Gospel tracts with?
Who do you have on your target list that you ask God to open a door for your witness?
We were never designed to do this alone

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