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Learning How to Focus on God
How is your focus this morning? I recently was struggling to see with my new glasses. They were made by the best doctor, prepared in the best lab as a special gift for me heading out in ministry—but they were a bit fuzzy. I went in and found that the blurred vision was neither the glasses nor my eyes, it was just one of the nose pads that had gotten bent. Just a tiny correction and the world was all clear again.
How clearly are you seeing God these days? Crystal clear, bright, and empowering, or has God gotten blurred over the days and weeks of life that has gone by?
One great benefit of this chosen lifestyle of “reverence” for God is that when we do so, we see Him in His glory and it changes us. As we open to Isaiah 33, we see the continuing effect that Isaiah’s sight of God in chapter 6, had upon his life.