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The AntiChrist just continues the merging of paganism that Constantine’s Roman Empire started so long ago. ALL THE ROMAN PAGANISM WAS MERGED INTO THE CHURCH. What did Emperor Constantine do with the State church? They had the Pantheon of Hadrian, they had all the priests of Dagon and the priests of Marduk and the priests of Phoenicia, Astarte, and Baal. What do you do with Isis and Osiris and all that gang from Egypt and what do you do with Semiramis and Tammuz? What would you do with all the deities coming in from Persia? Mithras. He said, well, I have an idea…its religion, let’s just all work together. Well, the church didn’t like that too much but they accommodated the influx of paganism. Now up until that time the church was just what you see in the New Testament. They read the Bible, they broke bread, and they baptized people after they were saved. They didn’t have anything to do with baptizing infants. They didn’t have anything to do with prayers for the dead. They didn’t have anything to do with Mass, Mass doesn’t come around for 12 centuries. It was just simple house churches, breaking bread, fellowshipping, baptizing people, confessing Christ, preaching the Bible, praying and loving Jesus Christ. But here came all these religious priests of a pantheon of religions in 313 AD. They brought in their censors, that’s incense burners, and they brought in their robes, and they brought in all their candles, and they brought in all their various beads that the pagans used.