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Today was a real challenge: EXPLAINING how the largest group called “Christians” on Earth, don’t FOLLOW what the Bible says. Thanks for praying as these students processed some big chunks of CHURCH HISTORY this hour. Here’s the LESSON introduction: The worship of Mary as the Queen of Heaven and the 40 days of Lent for her Son, has no basis in Scripture, but rather developed from the pagan celebration of Semiramis’ mourning for forty days over the death of Tammuz before his alleged resurrection—another of Satan’s mythical counterfeits.
The majority of those who call themselves Christians in our world today follow a way of worship that would have offended the apostles and early saints. What do I mean?
The statues of Mary, calling her the Queen of Heaven, the images of Christ and saints; and all of them being revered with candles and incense burning before them are idolatrous. God through His Word calls each of us to always be on guard and to:
What are some of the pagan rites that have crept into the Church? To name a few would be:
The incense burning before images, the orders of priests and monks that are so contradictory to Christ-like humility, the calendar of observances that each originate with pagan events that have only been renamed with Christian events, the titles of pagan priests like: Pontifex Maximus, pontiff, vicar, and most excellent.
Then there are also all the pagan originated and never recorded in the Bible practices like: holy water, purgatory, prayers for the dead, indulgences, and so much more.