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SAMSON NEGLECTED (WANDERED FROM) HIS HERITAGE (Judges 13): Just think for a moment what God has done, and who you are today. You are a special, unique creation with a purpose from God. God made you exactly as you were born – there were no mistakes in your manufacturing. Then the Lord delivered you to exactly the right home with the right parent(s).
1. A GODLY HOME: Samson was born into a godly home, to parents who believed in prayer. He was God’s special gift to them and to the nation. He had a father who prayed, “Teach us what we shall do unto the child” (v. 8; and see v. 12). His parents had a fear of God and tried to instill this same fear in their son. They brought offerings to God and dared to believe His wonderful promises.
2. A GODLY GIFTEDNESS: God gave to Samson a special endowment of the Holy Spirit that made him a conqueror.
3. A GODLY CALLING: God called Samson to be a Nazarite (“separated ones”), wholly surrendered to the Lord. According to Num. 6, a Nazarite was never to drink strong drink or touch a dead body; and the mark of his dedication would be his uncut hair.
All of this wonderful heritage the grown Samson despised! Instead of putting himself in God’s hands to accomplish his God-given task, he chose to live to please himself. How tragic it is when God gives a young person a wonderful heritage and a great opportunity, and he or she treats it lightly.