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Please open to Revelation 12:1-6, 13-17.
In these short verses, we see the infernal strategy of Satan to devour, destroy, and defeat God’s plan and His people. It is only one verse of a Bible full of pictures of Satan the Destroyer of God’s people of Promise, The Jews!
1. When Satan heard the promise of “the seed of the woman” in Genesis 3 he immediately tried to ruin God’s Word by having Cain kill Abel.
2. Seth was later born and started the godly line of promise so Satan’s infernal plan was to try to inbreed demons with the godly line and totally corrupt the line of Messiah, so God saved the last pure family and drowned everyone else.
3. Satan followed the line and lured Abram into moon god worship (the same moon god as Islam worships today) and thought he won, but God called Abram and he obeyed God.
4. Then Satan’s infernal strategy was to get Abram impatient and thereby to get the line defiled by Hagar the Egyptian, but God picked the son of promise as the second born (like Seth, Jacob, and so on).
5. Then the famine drove Israel to Egypt where Satan tried to kill the male children as they were born, to destroy the nation, so God killed every 1st born and led His people out in triumph.
6. Then the successive waves of Canaanites, Philistines, Arameans, Assyrians, Ethiopians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, and Romans came and tried to do Satan’s infernal bidding.
7. After the Dispersion no people group has ever experienced the horrors of pogroms, extermination attempts, and outright oppression like God’s People the Jews.
8. Then Hitler arrived and came within a couple of years of wiping out over half of all the Jews and their homeland!
All that to remind you that God and His Word both have the perspective of Israel as the Center of Divine History. From the distant and in the recent past, as well as in the future all the way to the end – God presents Israel as the Center of Divine Prophecy in the future. As students of God’s Word, we should be fully aware of the significance of Mideast developments.
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