Take God at His Word Exhortations for Blameless Living #3 I Thessalonians 2:13

As we look for Paul’s blueprint for Blameless Living, turn to Acts 17:1-9 to give us the introduction to this third of Paul’s powerful exhortations.

Paul walks to Thessalonia from Philippi: Walks 30 miles to Amphipolis 30 more miles to Apollonia 37 more miles to Thessalonica

• So walks onward 97 miles on foot in a weak physical frame. • REASONS 3 Sabbath days [v.2] • PROCLAIMS CHRIST [v.3] • PERSUADES [v.4] SOME • STIRS JEALOUSY [v.5] • EVOKES A CHARGE [v.6] “Upset the world” • PRODUCES A CONVICTION [v.7] These rebels [Christians] are contrary to the decrees [words, laws, regulations] of Caesar”. What’s that? The word of the world. What were they following? “Another King – Jesus”. • So what’s the bottom line? They obeyed the word of God or took God at His word… Now I Thess. 2:13.

See – the Thessalonian converts were marked from the start! They took God at His word. They obeyed Him!

READ v.13. Word of God energized by faith! “Works in you that believe.”

-How astounding the language of Greek spoken in its normal way when combined with the Holy Spirit = radical transformation or transfiguration.

-The words of a man, Paul, were guided, inspired, Spirit breathed, recorded, read, and believed. THEY WORKED IN THEM! THAT’S THE LIFE WE ARE TALKING ABOUT – A LIFE THE WORD OF GOD WORKS IN. IT’S A LIFE OF FAITH TAKING GOD AT HIS WORD!

From the Garden of Eden to the close of the pages of Scripture, the message is the same: TAKE GOD AT HIS WORD – Obey and believe.

Let’s strike 10 chords of appeal by great followers of God’s word:

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1. ABEL [Genesis 4:3-5; Heb. 11:4] offered according to God’s word and God accedpted Him. Are you offering what you are and have to God today?

2. ABRAHAM [Gen 12:1-4] Followed after God’s word…Yes, ran ahead, fell behind at times, but direction of life was God’s. Is yours?

3. DAVID [Psalm 119:9-16] Ordered his life by God’s word… DO WE?