Sins Unto Death

Mark 3:28-30

In the past few weeks nearly 30M Americans have sat and watched the Terminator Part 2. From the newspaper accounts the movie depicts a man (Arnold Schwarzenegger) who has awesome + powerful destructive ability. Yet Arnie isn’t that fearful in true life…One day in 1984 during the summer LA hosted the Olympics. Bonnie and I were waiting in line to have breakfast at the Pantry. One table was open seating for 10 people. We got the last 2 seats. Looking up, guess who was on the other side of the ketchup bottle? Arnold, the Terminator. Smiling, gentle and polite. Not quite the blazing death machine of the Terminator. What’s the lesson? Well sometimes we think of sin as not so bad – when in reality it is dreadful. A lesson in the horrible reality of sin’s dreadful consequences.

The terminator is a made up fantasy character… but sin is a monster of such evil mien that to be hated needs but to be seen.

But seen to oft – familiar with face.

First we endure, then pity – then embrace.

Sin is a terminator.

First of all – Sin can terminate spiritual ministry God wants us to have in our life! What do I mean? Follow with me in these six passages. God wants to: 1) Hear our prayers – I Peter 3:7, Psalm 66:18 – but sin blocks prayers 2) Help us run the race – I Corinthians 9:27 – but sin disqualifies runners 3) Sin robs joy out of salvation – Psalm 51:12 4) Sin hinders growth – I Corinthians 3:1-3 5) Sin limits usefulness – 2 Timothy 2:21 6) Sin threatens life – I Corinthians 11:30, I John 5:16

Not only can sin terminate our spiritual effectiveness…

Secondly: Sin has consequence in God’s working toward us: 1) Sin grieves God’s Holy Spirit – Ephesians 4:30 2) Sin stifles praise – Psalm 33:1 “Praise is fitting to the upright” thus not for opposite 3) “Your sins have with held good things from you” sin withholds blessing – Jeremiah 5:25

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4) Sin invites chastening – Hebrews 12:5-11 5) Sin breaks communion – I Corinthians 10:21 6) Sin dishonors God – I Corinthians 6:19-20 Because we are His temple we dishonor Him.

So God says flee, forsake and repent of any sin Christians lest it: • Grieve God • Dishonor God • Block prayers • Disqualify us from race • Withhold blessings • Rob joy • Invite chastening • Hinder growth • Limit usefulness • Break communion And Finally: • lest sin threaten life

Yes – sin unforsaken can threaten life – I John 5:16

Puritan Thomas Watson said that a sign of sanctification is a hatred for sin. A hypocrite may leave sin yet love it – as a snake sheds its skin but keeps its venom – but a sanctified person not only leaves sin, but he loathes it. God has changed our nature: He has put on us the breastplate of holiness, which, though it may be shot at, can never be shot through (A Body of Divinity [London: Banner of Truth, 1970], pp. 246,250).

Okay now – v God forgives all sin v But for lost people some sins are eternal v But what is a sin that leads to death?

There are several in scripture, but let’s focus on just one.

*Turn to James 4:4 v Worldliness invites God’s intervention * Now I John 2:15-17 Worldliness is: v that which passes away v that can be lusted / longed after v physical pleasures, esthetics, material things, positions, pride, flesh

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May I close with just a brief picture of a man who loved the world to death. Joshua 7 introduces Achan 6 times in the Old Testament

Achan wanted to be at home in the heart of God’s camp while putting the world in the heart of his home.

In short, he loved the world and wouldn’t separate from it.

Worldliness equals false separation.

Romans 12:1-2 – Don’t think like lost people.

I John 8:15 – 17 – Don’t live like lost people



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What’s in your heart? Worldly desires?