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Sleeping Grace

Sleeping Grace



Sleeping Grace

SLEEPING GRACE IS REAL! For young and old there is a clear message from God here! David was Sleeping in the Shadow of Danger as he experienced the Grace of Sleep. Those are just some of the wonders of Psalm 3. In the midst of the worst time of his life, David fell sound asleep. In the midst of one of the most dangerous situations, David had ever faced he relaxed, sang a song to the Lord and laid down–completely confident that the Lord would protect him.
Have you ever really thought about why we sleep as humans? In fact, have you considered that every one of us will probably spend about 1/3rd of our life sleeping? And that sleep is not an accident—God is the designer and promoter of sleep? Yes, God designed sleep for us His creatures. But why? As believers who look at life through the lens of God’s Word (just as we are to do with all the rest of life)—we need to see sleep and life as having the very signature of God written across it. When God has designed something it is very special and has specific purposes that God wants us to know about. So have you gained the benefits of knowing what God has to say about one-third of our lives?


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