Ephesians 1:13-14

As you are opening to Eph. 1:13-14, let us point out to you that the subject of the Holy Spirit is a vast one that touches on the very heart of our ministry.

In fact, I’ve been collecting reports on various Christians of the Holy Spirit. The best one was this one who said:

“Startling things are happening among Christians today. Amazing claims abound that God is doing signs, wonders, and miracles. These claims are being broadcast by word of mouth, the printed page, television, and radio at a rate so prolific that they can hardly be catalogued, let alone verified.

“Fantastic encounters with Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are reported as commonplace. Healings of all kinds are reported. It is not unusual to hear of striking testimonies about how God has corrected spinal injuries, lengthened legs and removed cancerous tissue in response to faith. One seemingly onmiscient Christian-TVtalk-show host discerns that miracles and healings of various types are happening during his broadcast. He urges viewers to call in and tell of ‘claiming’ certain healings that are available. Not surprisingly, many do so.

“Some of the miracles seem almost bizarre: puppies are raised from the dead; washing machines are ‘healed’; empty gas tanks are supernaturally filled; people are ‘slain’ (knocked flat) by the Holy Spirit. “One lady reports being given a new ‘belly button’. A man named Marvin Ford testifies that he has actually been to heaven and
back. “Amazing experiences like these seem to be the order of the day as God, in an apparent hyperkinetic coutburst, puts on a supernatural performance rivaled only by the six days of Creation and the Egyptian plagues!” 1

Is that the biblical ministry of the Holy Spirit? Now before we get into a deep study of the charismatic issue, let’s focus on our text as it reveals the Holy Spirit in God’s master plan for the church.

Remember, four areas we see in this verse:

I. First was the Plan of Salvation: A. Described in the Old Testament B. Detailed in the New Testament C. Defined as: -hearing the gospel -responding in faith (agreeing to God’s change – sinners) -transformed supernaturally as Holy Spirit enters

Eph. 2:8-9 for by grace… Rom. 10:9-10 that if Thou shalt… Acts 26:18 to open eyes… Titus 3:5 not by works… By renewing Holy Spirit < its Holy Spirit comes at the moment of salvation

So, one sees God’s plan of salvation and the Holy Spirit is vitally present from that moment!

II. Secondly, the Portrait of the Spirit (or who is He?)

A. Holy Spirit is mentioned often in Bible – 50+ times in the O.T. – 80+ times in N.T.
1 Mac, Charismatics, p.

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B. Holy Spirit is described as a person as orthodox Christian doctrine states: “the Holy Spirit is a divine person, eternal, underived, possessing all the attributes of personality and deity including intellect (1 Cor. 2:10-13), emotions (Eph. 4:30), will (1 Cor. 12:11), eternality (Heb. 9:14), omnipresence (Rom. 15:13), and truthfulness (Jn. 16:13). In all the divine attributes He is coequal and consubstantial with the Father and the Son (Matt. 28:19; Acts 5:3-4; 28:25-26; 1 Cor. 12:4-6; 2 Cor. 13:14; and Jer. 31:31-34 with Heb. 10:15-17).”

C. The third feature of the biblical portrait of the Holy Spirit is seen. Only as we fully comprehend: – His relationship to the plan of salvation, and – His biblical portrait. Can we understand His purpose and pledge of security.

What are the biblical designations of the Holy Spirit that protray Him:


Holy Ghost Mt. 1:18-20 Sspirit of God Mt. 3:16 Spirit Mt. 4:1; Mk. 1:10 Spirit of your Father Mt. 10:20 Comforter Jn. 14:16 Spirit of truth affirms Jn. 14:17 Spirit of the Lord Acts 5:9 Spirit of Jesus reveals Acts 16:7 (ASV) Spirit of holiness brings Rom. 1:4 Spirit of life fills full Rom. 8:2
Spirit of Christ declares Rom. 8:9 Spirit of Him that raised up Jesus Rom. 8:11 Spirit of adoption invites Rom. 8:15 Spirit of our God 1 Cor. 6:11 Spirit of the living God 2 Cor. 3:3 Spirit of faith energizes 2 Ccor. 4:13 Spirit of His Son introduces Gal. 4:6 Holy Spirit of promise opens Eph. 1:13 Spirit of wisdom bestows Eph. 1:17 One Spirit unites Eph. 4:4 Spirit of Jesus Christ mediates Phil. 1:19 Eternal Spirit exists as God Heb. 9:14 Spirit of grace communicates Heb. 10:29 Father of spirits subordinate Heb. 12:9 Spirit of glory brings 1 Pet. 4:14 Holy One 1 Jn. 2:20 Seven Spirits of God knows Rev. 3:1

What a portrait! What a rich revelation.


I. Thirdly, we come to the Purpose of the Holy Spirit in relation to the church2. A. For the awakening of faith – wooing unto salvation, as the Spirit of truth (Jn. 15:26) B. For effecting the new birth – dispensing life, as the Spirit of sonship (Rom. 8:15); C. For leading in sanctification – educating, as the Spirit of holiness (I Cor. 6:19, 20; 1 Thess. 4:7, 8); D. For stimulating service – equipping, as the Spirit of power (II Tim. 1:7); E. For bringing about the glorifying – transfiguring, as the Spirit of glory (I Pet. 4:14).
2 Sauer, p ?

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Thus, we could say This work is: evangelistic organic pedagogic charismatic (charisma = gift of grace) eschatologic (final history)

First, the Holy Spirit woos to salvation.

* He glorifies Christ (Jn. 16:14) puts spotlight on – testifies of Christ (Jn. 15:26; Rev. 19:10) to the world * He invites all to come (Rev. 22:17) – He confronts all with three areas: sin — righteousness — judgment

John 16:7-10 key Holy Spirit message. Three key thrusts of Holy Spirit’s ministry: 3

The sin of the world He exposes by reference to their unbelief, by which they rejected the Lord, the only true good (Jn. 16:8, 9; Acts 2:22, 23; 3:13-15; 7:52).

The righteousness of Christ He establishes by reference to the ascension to heaven; for by that exaltation He Who had been rejected by sinners as being unrighteous had been acknowledged by God as the holy and righteous One (Jn. 16:10; Acts 2:25), comp. 34, 35; I. Tim. 3:16).

“Good Friday appeared to have adjudged Jesus to be a sinner and His judges to be righteous; but the ascension and Pentecost reversed this sentence; they awarded the righteousness to the condemned One of Golgotha and the sin to His judges.” This is the meaning of the Lord’s words, that the spirit will convict the world

3 Sauer, Triumph, p. 54
of righteousness “because I go to the Father, and ye see me no more” (Jn. 16:10).

The judgment upon Satan the Spirit makes clear by reference to the Redeemer’s victory by the cross (Jn. 19:30); for it is by the very cross itself that the prince of this world has been judged (Jn. 12:31; Col. 2:15); and on that account the world can now be required to do domage to another, its proper Prince.

(Saaver triumph, p. 54)

So what is the first aspect of God’s plan for the Holy Spirit? Wooing to salvation by awakening faith!

ü Thus the Holy Spirit witnesses to the self-righteous world that it is sinful.

ü The crucified one despised and rejected is declaimed and proven through the Spirit: He is holy righteous.

ü The wicked, fallen father of darkness – Satan, who instigated Christ’s murder on Golgotha is exposed. He has been conquered and shall be judged.

Let me say this is the description Cchrist gave of the first phase of the Spirit’s ministry. Do you agree with it? Have you acknoowledged sin? Do you see the Holy One? Who will be judged? You and Satan, or Satan alone because Christ bore your load.

Let’s pray.