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The New Testament records 37 miracles that Jesus performed during His earthly ministry. These include sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, life to the dead, health to the sick – and many other tremendous miracles supernaturally performed by Christ.
Which one was the greatest? If you analyze them they were wonderful but ALL were only temporary.
o The paralyzed, lame, mute, and blind that Jesus gave back eyes, fingers, toes, and skin eventually lost them all again when they got sick and died some years later.
o Peter’s mother-in-law was miraculously set free from a fever but years later died of other causes which may also involve a fever.
o The food miraculously created by Jesus was consumed by the five and four thousand, and used up – and hunger returned the next day.
o The eyes restored to blind Bartimaeus were used, worn out, and dimmed by the time he died.
o The hearing that the deaf received was subject to the natural downward slide of the human body and faded most likely by their death.
o Those dancing feet after Christ’s touch that the lame possessed, soon turned to a shuffle and then stopped working altogether as they lay in bed awaiting death many years later.
o Lepers who found fresh new skin and limbs saw them again return to wrinkles, weakness, and finally immobility as circulation, respiration, and digestion all slowly were assaulted by the weight of many years.
o So yes, Jesus performed many miracles – but all of them but one were TEMPORARY.
So, which was the greatest of all Christ’s miracles?
The answer is the one that never faded, never aged, never ended. It was the miracle unfaded by time, untouched by health, unaffected by circumstances. That miracle, the greatest miracle is the one that Jesus Christ is still doing in our midst today. It is a miracle that I have personally experienced. It is a miracle that most of us in this room have also experienced. It is the greatest of all Christ’s miracles – the miracle of complete forgiveness.