I Thessalonians 2:13

Paul wrote these dear new saints… they were to be commended…

In fact, he “gives thanks” – EUXARISTED – 3 times for them.

1. FIRST – [1:2] He gives thanks for “you” – them as trophies of grace saved, changed, headed in the right direction — converts. 2. SECOND- [2:13] Our text today – he gives thanks for their TAKING GOD AT HIS WORD. Believing enough to obey! 3. THIRD – [3:9] He gives thanks for the joy their lives produce. Dividends of God are lives invested in… • So he thanks God for them as converts of Christ [1:2] • So he thanks God for them as dividends of joy [3:9] • So he thanks God for them as Word of God obeyers [2:13]

We already learned that God has a whole host of these: • that take Him at His word • that believe and obey • that listen and heed • that read and treasure • that ponder and act 1. Yes, our first was ABEL who took God’s Word and OFFERED TO GOD WHAT GOD WANTED. Seems easy, but it’s a lifelong task. As one aptly put it:

Christianity has a low initiation fee, In fact, it costs nothing But the maintenance costs you everything!

So offer to God today what He wants — all we are and have with Him in control.

2. DAVID ordered His life by God’s Word Ps 119:9-16. Turn then to close our preparation for communion.

Ps. 119 has 22 stanzas, and each has a special theme. Stanza two [916] extols the purifying power of the Word. How? Very simply as – 1) By a word: ORDERED life 9b. 2) By a word: DESIRED life [10]. • God’s commands call the shots • God’s Word is our model 3) By a word: PROTECTED life [11] 4) By a word: INTERNALIZED life [13] • My lips always speak out of the overflow of my heart. • Get that Book off the shelf or nitestand and in hand with open eyes and get that truth INSIDE and internalize it. • It flows out of our lips from our heart if it’s internalized. 5) By a word: VERBALIZED LIFE [14] • Rejoiced, talked about • In Acts, 31 different Greek words used 160+ times of verbal communication. • The Word desired and internalized will become verbalized! • Acts 5:20 “Go stand and speak all the words of this life” 6) A word: FOCUSED life [15] 7) A word: CONSCIOUS life [16] • It’s our delight • We don’t forget

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LET’S TAKE A QUIZ: • Does God’s Word ORDER our lives? • Is our DESIRE His Word? • Are we seeing it PROTECT, GUARD and CONQUER? • Are you INTERNALIZING IT? Daily, weekly… • How are your VERBAL skills? Do friends, family, fellow workers, know who owns you? Do you tell them often and in any way? • Are you FOCUSED by the Word of God? • What on earth are you living for? • And are you CONSCIOUS of God’s Word ALL the time? • That’s taking God at His Word – That’s an ORDERED LIFE