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The 10 Best Decisions John Barnett Has Made In Life are–SIMPLE HABITS FOR POWERFUL LIVING. In this Chapel for East-Asian, Next-Generation students we were asked to give them personal and practical advice from what we have learned during our lifetime walking with God.
Here is that very personal, candid, and heartfelt time of sharing with those precious young men and women.
What Were The Ten Most Life Transforming Decisions You Made in Your Life?
The decision to respond to God in an Acts 16:31 life of believing in the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved  (1962)
The decision to live a Romans 12:1-2 life of presenting my Body a Living Sacrifice (1965)
The decision to have a Joshua 1:8-9 Word-filled life of hiding God’s Word in my heart (1969)
The decision to get a 2 Timothy 2:15 formal training in key Bible tools for studying God’s Word  with a solid Bible education (1975)
The decision to seek a Matthew 28:18-20 life of pursuing the Great Commission and making disciples of the nations and spreading the Gospel via  missions (1977)
The decision to start an Acts 13:36 life of planning to neglect everything but what I was called to do (1982)
The decision to pursue an Ephesians 5:25-33 life of loving Bonnie as Christ loves His Church, and seeing her as the gifted helpmeet that I prayed for my whole life (1983)
The decision to invest my life in a 1 Peter 5:1-4 pattern of shepherding Christ’s flock (1984)
The decision to plan a 2 Peter 1:15 discipline of communicating God’s truth to the next generation (1986)
The decision to follow the 2 Timothy 4:6-8 goal of pouring out my life as a drink offering to the end (1956-2020)