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DYG-12  WFL-16
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These verses are calling us to one of the simplest but most neglected spiritual practices – the godly practice of meditation. The simple exercise of getting alone, closing the doors of distraction be they computers, television, sports, or hobbies in order to read and dwell upon the truth of God and the wisdom stored up in His Word. Anyone who will choose to practice godly meditation, God’s Word is going to explode with a richness of wisdom and spiritual fire within our souls.

Solitude is getting alone with God because I love Him.
Simple Devotion is listening to God in His Word.

Too often it seems we’re only motivated to pursue God when we encounter a problem in our daily walk But meditating on the Word of God should be the daily way we go about getting His life-giving truth into the core of our souls – down into the place where the vital decisions of our lives are made every day.

Meditation is the process by which God’s Word passes from your head down into your spirit where its power can he released. “Meditation is the digestive faculty of the soul .” Even though Jesus was physically depleted from 40 days of fasting, He was so strong in spirit from seeking God and meditating on the Word that He wielded a few words and they were a powerful weapon to defeat His adversary.

To apply this, here are six simple but important principles I use to deepen and enrich my meditation in God’s Word: